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The Emoha Elder Care Assure Care Plan offers the most comprehensive envelope of care services designed exclusively for elders. The plan deli...
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Customized to serve individual needs, Emoha Elder Care Assure Package comes with an extended choice of unique and complementary services to fulfill each individual's emotional & physical well-being needs. The Assure Care Package is designed keeping in mind the difficulties regularly faced by the elderlies in their everyday life.

Formulated with utmost love and care to cater to senior's everyday needs. With Assure Care Plan, Emoha promises to provide the safest, convenient and personalized care program for your loved ones. The Assure Plan includes services like health check-ups, electronic health record management, doctor visits, hospitalization support, everyday routine planning and support and many more.

The Assure Care Plan is widely divided into five major segments to cater to all your needs.

1) Health: Offering specialized healthcare management at home for senior adults.
2) Convenience: Covering all the needs of elders as a “Professional Relative” of the elder.
3) Engagement: Supporting emotional happiness for elders and re-inventing retirement.
4) Safety: Providing utmost safety cover at home or while on the go to ensure maximum safety of elderlies.
5) Emergency: Ensuring 24/7 emergency support with our emergency response mechanism.

Health Services Include –
a) MBBS Doctor Consultation once a month to support preventive wellbeing
b) Digitization of medical records for seamless access and monitoring
c) Reminders for hospital check-ups, appointments, lab testing, etc
d) One-time full body check-up (annually)
e) Fortnightly visit by registered nurse and periodic vitals monitoring
f) Monthly consultation by a physiotherapist & dietician
g) Elder Care Domain experts with an in-house dementia team
h) Coordinated & monitored healthcare services at home (nurse/GDA/physio etc)
i) Post hospitalization care management, ICU @ home, chronic care at home support

Convenience Services Include –
a) Home maintenance support: repair - housekeeping - installations
b) Arranging daily needs – grocery, medicines, etc
c) Arranging support for laundry, both routine and heavy cleaning
d) Travel assistance, companion for domestic & international drops
e) Financial planning, support in tax & annual filings
f) Assistance in shopping, purchase, etc
g) Assistance in government liasoning paper works
h) Support in banking, financial transactions, a reminder for premiums, etc
i) Support in visa, passport related activities for travel
j) Support in pension & insurance processing
k) Finding house help, nanny, driver etc from verified sources
l) Support in pet management, veterinary treatments etc
m) Support in vehicle maintenance, insurance, workshop support, etc
n) Accompany an elder in family events or to locations in the city or out of city
o) Support in horticulture, gardening activities
p) Support in house shifting, logistics, etc

Engagement Services Include –
a) Providing access to fun events across the city area
b) Organizing family events and outings, celebrations
c) Dedicated activity coordinator visits (4 visits per month)
d) Opportunities to learn new skills to stay relevant
e) Access to health talks by nodal hospitals
f) Access to health camps and programs by prominent hospitals & health labs
g) Regular fitness & yoga-related activities to keep you fit
h) Opportunities to earn in short term consultancies, mentorship programs
i) Opportunities to give back to society by tying up with prominent social NGOs

Safety Services Include –
a) Elder home safety architectural recommendations
b) Daily two phone calls to check on the safety of the elder
c) Record KYC of all home attendants, workers, servants, etc
d) 24/7 vehicle tow-away support in the city area
e) Fortnightly visit by a registered nurse and periodic vitals monitoring
f) Monthly consultation by physiotherapist & dietician

Emergency Services Include –
a) 24/7 bike responder with ex-defence personnel & paramedics
b) Emergency coordination with family members
c) Nodal hospital tie-ups for emergency support
d) 24/7 care & coordination centre for emergency support
e) Pre-updated medical data assurance for speedy emergency responses
f) Insurance or TPA claim support during emergency
g) Support with civil authorities, police, fire and local authorities
h) Hospital coordination till the arrival of family members

Emoha Elder Care plans are designed to make health care easily accessible because your safety and well-being are our priority!
Emoha Elder Care is India’s first comprehensive continuum of care designed specifically for elders. At Emoha, we are re-imagining eldercare. Led by senior industry leaders in elder care, urban planning, and technology, we offer an envelope of care services, delivered within an elder's current home across all stages. EMOHA is all about Emotional Happiness. It is also an anagram of “A-HOME”. To put it simply, our vision is to offer solutions that enable elders to flourish at home for as long as they wish.

Product Specifications

Return Policy Minimum subscription for 3 months. If discontinued before the subscription period, 3 months amount will be forfeited.
Warranty Brand Warranty of 1 Year Available for Subscription
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1. What is Emoha Elder Care?

Emoha Elder Care is India’s first comprehensive continuum of care designed exclusively for elders. At Emoha, we are re-imagining eldercare, where a 360-degree envelope of care is delivered within an elder's current home across all stages.

2. What are Emoha’s Care Plans?

Emoha has various elder care plans including Assure Care, Vantage & Smart Home Care Plan to meet vivid needs and requirements.

3. What are the services included in these Plans?

The services are broadly classified under 5 main categories and each category have a range of services offered, including:

  • Health Care Services: Nursing care, geriatrics care and physical therapy, holistic stroke rehabilitation, dementia care, post-surgery care and cancer care.
  • Convenience Services: Concierge services, healthcare appointments, travel assistance, shopping assistance, govt paperwork assistance, passport/visa processing, senior citizen insurance, worker supervision.
  • Safety Services: Sensor installation, first aid supply, CPR, contact with the ambulance, paramedics, police, and fire services.
  • Emergency Care Services: 24/7 emergency bike responder, periodic bespoke health monitoring, contact with the ambulance, paramedics, police, and fire services.
  • Engagement Services: Yoga & meditation, musical nights, comedy shows, cultural nights, health camps, book launch, bridge tournaments, culinary festivals, talk shows.

4. What are the important highlights of Emoha’s healthcare services?

Periodic health assessment, quarterly digital health record updates, intensively trained care angels and assistants, 24x7 desk for emergency support and customized care plans are some important activities of Emoha’s healthcare services.

5. How does Emoha work?

Emoha’s First Responders are strategically located at hubs that allow them to reach incident scenes within 15-30 minutes from the initiation of an emergency. These paramilitary bike riders are highly trained and experienced ex-defense personnel and nurses, which make them uniquely suited to offer help in diverse emergencies. Emoha’s First Responders also help coordinate all the help needed while at the scene such as an ambulance response, firefighters, or the police.

6. How does Emoha’s sensor system work?

In case of a fall or any other mishappening, the installed sensors sense the motion caused by the accident

  • A call goes to the Emoha control center or registered family member
  • The Emoha responder is prepared and ready to go as soon as he receives the call
  • The responder travels by bike, being the fastest mode of transport. Responder coordinates emergency at the site while the ambulance is on the way
  • Control center coordinates between family, hospital, local authorities, and responder
  • Control center presents live and updated digital health records for speedy clinical diagnosis
  • Control center presents live and updated digital health records for speedy clinical diagnosis

From the Manufacturer

At Emoha Elder Care, it is our mission to provide the best ecosystem for complete EMO-tional HA-ppiness of the elderly. Our Care plans deliver a complete envelope of elder care services for absolute peace of mind.
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